Five minutes of my life that I don't want back;

Met them 3/23/13

They responded on YouNow on 4/14/13


Remember when Jack aimed at Finn?


Shooting in the old town of Ibiza with my @langly backpack. #letsgosomewhere


September 12: Jack and Finn with a viewer in London via darthskippy on instagram

       Guys, the challenge ends tomorrow (or today depending on where you live). Please, if you can, donate to help Finn reach his goal of raising £10,000 for the Big Change Trust; he’s pretty close to reaching it. If you can’t donate for whatever reason, please reblog this to spread the word. It’s a good cause and it means so much to him. You can donate here (x) and watch his video here (x). Once again, the challenge ends tomorrow/today!


Jack Harries doing what he does best


Reflecting on the summer. So many lovely people, so many lovely places. Feeling very lucky.

Jack Harries in Amsterdam, photographed by Ella Denton (2014)

Jack Harries in Amsterdam, photographed by Ella Denton (2014)